FVWM3 メニュー keyバインディング


key F11         A       M       Popup XDGMenu
key F12         A       M       Menu XDGMenu
      Types of Menus
           In fvwm there are four slightly different types of menus:

           Popup menus can appear everywhere on the screen on their own or attached to a part of a window.The Popup command opens popup menus. If the popup menu was invoked with a mouse button held down, it is closed when the button is released. The item under the pointer is then activated and the associated action is executed.

           Menu is a very similar command, but the menus it opens are slightly less transient. When invoked by clicking a mouse button, it stays open and can be navigated with no button held. But if it is invoked by a button press followed by mouse motion, it behaves exactly like a popup menu.


では、なんでXDGMenuだと違ったの? これ宿題


+ "XDG Menus" Popup XDGMenu
+ "XDG Menus" Menu XDGMenu

が、しかし一番上に記載した、キーで呼ぶ場合には、同じ挙動なんですな。これは不思議。つまりキーでメニューを呼びだす時は、PopupもMenuも同じ動作をする。これは1段目のメニューだからそうなるのであろう。2段目は違うぞ? これ宿題